How to start

In order to become an adequate participant on FOREX market - professional trader, it is necessary to cover inevitable stages and get skills and knowledge, which are essential for working on FOREX, in process.

To be a novice trader - does not mean to incur losses. Owing to the fact that the accounts of InstaForex do not have limits to the volume of minimal lot, you can start working with any sum, having the opportunity to reduce risks. With increase of your confidence you enlarge the volume of trading operations, increasing risks and the opportunity to get higher profit.

3 easy steps on FOREX market:

1 Step. Training on DEMO-account.

Every person can open DEMO-account and learn how to operate the trading terminal and trading strategies for unlimited period of time and absolutely free. Even without having any idea about FOREX market you can try yourself as a trader, opening a DEMO-account. In spite of the fact that all deals on DEMO-accounts are virtual and are not put on FOREX, you have the full copy of all terms and conditions as the are on the live accounts. On the DEMO-account you can complete deals as well as you would do on the real account.
Doesnt matter how many questions you have - you can try to answer them using the DEMO-account, without any risks and having the opportunity to open unlimited quantity of such accounts totally free. Moreover, 24/5 support department is available by ICQ, chat, telephone or e-mail.

2 Step. Trading on the live account.

Having got the hand in working with terminal and learning the main trading strategies, you can try yourself on the real account, limiting your risks. Owing to the absence of limits on minimal deals volume you can trade according to the principle "risk=profit", when you define the volume of your investments.
The work on the live account lets you to understand and learn more in comparison with DEMO-account, doesnt matter how serious you take the virtual trading. Working with real, even minimal funds, you start to feel the connection between your profit and currency movements. This experience is very important for raising to the next level of traders development.

3 Step. Professional work.

After having got all necessary knowledge, trader is able to work independently on the currency market, using his own or borrowed trading strategies for getting profit on currency movements. Professional trader indicates the style of his trading and chooses trading tools which are more suitable for his strategy.
Not all the new coming traders are able to reach this level, but InstaForex company guaranties that our team bends every effort in order to help every client to go forward and get the full support when any problems exist.

We suggest you to choose one of the opportunities listed below:

- To open DEMO-account
- To open the live trading account and get 30 USD bonus
- To ask your question in the siteheart right now

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