For Newbie

If you want to become an exchange market player and professional trader you need to pass certain steps to receive important skills and knowledge which are necessary while working at Forex.

Many people think that the beginner always loses. Indeed it is far from truth. Due to the fact that InstaForex trading accounts do not have limits on minimum deposit you may start work on live account with any sum having an opportunity to save minimum risks. You may increase the volume of trading operations and opportunity to make more profit as far as you become confident in your trading skills.

3 simple steps:

1 step. Training on the Demo-account.

Any client of InstaForex may open Demo-account and learn trading principals, trading terminal interface and options absolutely free as long as he wants. Even if you are not familiarized with Forex you may trade on the Demo-account. All deals on the Demo-accounts are virtual, however you get the full copy of trading conditions. There is no difference between demo and live accounts in service and functionality. You may execute deals on the Demo-account the same way you would on live account. The only difference is that using Demo-account for trading you do not risk with real money.

Moreover, you may always find answers on the demo-account without risk and having an opportunity to open unlimited number of the accounts for free regardless what questions appear during trading. 24-hours support by ICQ, chat, phone or e-mail is available in the company. Our team is always glad to help you, do not hesitate to contact us in case any questions appear.

2 Step. Trading on the live account.

As soon as you familiarize yourself with the trading terminal and get hand in trading you may try yourself on live account limited your risk with volumes you consider acceptable for you. Due to the absence of restrictions to the minimum deal volume in the company InstaForex you may trade according to the principle “risk=profit” when you determine for yourself effective volumes of your investments.

Trading on the live account will help you to understand and learn such things which are impossible to grasp on the Demo-account. Trading with real even not significant investments you will feel what every trader feels – the connection between the rate movement and your profit. This experience is necessary for jumping to the other step of professional trader development.

3 Step. Professional work.

After all necessary trading skills are gained a trader may work independently at Forex, using his or borrowed trading strategies, indicators, EAs for profit generation. Professional trader has his own trading style and control his work on his own.

Not every fresh trader reaches the third level, but InstaForex company guarantees that our team make all possible efforts to help our client to develop himself, move straight ahead and get the full assistance in case any questions appear.

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